Main Street Films is live! Thanks to the very kind folks at KelbyOne, we now have a fresh start and a song in our heart! We are hiring, so drop us a line at the number above or use the contact form here.

I spoke with Thomas, who is our in LA, today and I’m extremely excited about 2016. There is a lot happening and a lot to do.

One exciting component of having production offices across the US is that while we each have a full book of accounts, we can leverage the talents, resources and time to bring the best quality product to the marketplace.

Production Company Tampa

Tampa is a big market. There is so much going on and the growth can be visibly seen. From the jumbo cranes on Clearwater Beach to the new companies popping up all across the Tampa Bay area, things are booming here in Tampa.

We are a production company in Tampa and have offices in LA and Raleigh. We cover commercials, political ads, training films as well as live streaming for events.

With a lot of production houses are shutting down due to not having a pulse on the landscape, Main Street Films is uniquely situated to produce not only your video, but we can also lend our insight to how to best get your message across to your audience.

So, what’s up with the image – Not All Who Wander are Lost? Glad you asked!

We believe that in today’s marketplace, production companies that take on a greater role in the storytelling, as well as the delivery and distribution, are aimed at the heart of where service industries are headed. As video and film professionals, we still believe that at holistic approach to your project helps you and your audience better receive the information you share. It’s this holistic approach that keeps  our clients happy and the audience engaged. We like to let the stories we tell unfold for the viewer and we love to let them participate. If you are curious as to how we do that. Let us know.